Project designation | Edgar Praça Global
Project code | NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-034469
Main objective | Strengthen small and medium company competitiveness
Intervention region | Porto Metropolitan Area
Beneficiary entity | Edgar Praça, Lda.

Approval date | 2018-04-16
Starting date | 2018-02-01
Finishing date | 2020-01-31
Total eligible cost | 440.590,00 EUR
European Union finance support | FEDER – 198.265,50 EUR

Edgar Praça, Lda aims to define the following strategical objectives:

  • Grow its business volume
  • Enter new markets
  • Develop client loyalty politics
  • Improve management processes
  • Develop company praise

Therefore, the following investments were define in order to meet the aforementioned goals:

  • Solidify and promote the company’s internationalization process
  • Grow the brand’s name
  • Aggregate new organizational methods that allow to fulfill all the established goals